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Creative aging, a multigenerational mindset and a question for you!

I recently had an opportunity to give a presentation titled ‘Creative Aging Across Generations’ at the Art of Ageing forum in Welland, Ontario ( In that presentation, I spoke about ageism, creative aging, connecting generations and the intersectionality of these three themes. You will be able to read an article I wrote about my thinking with respect to these themes in the July issue of the Pass It On Network newsletter. As an aside, please visit the Pass It On Network website for valuable information and resources (

The Niagara forum was the first time I have explicitly focused on the benefits of bringing generations together and the first time I have shared a few examples of inter/multi generational programs from around the globe. As at previous events, I invited delegates to share their contact information with me if they would like to be kept in the loop about creative aging and inter/multigenerational programs as I, myself, become aware of them.

I have a growing list of names! The reason for this post is to ask readers’ advice about how best to share information. The simplest would be to keep an email distribution list. But…….that is so static! I would like to encourage interactivity and invite others to submit resources to be shared. I am especially interested in learning more about multigenerational thinking (it has to go beyond programs!) in Canada. At the same time, I am excited about continuing to learn from other countries knowing that we can take inspiration from others to adapt as appropriate in Canada.

So……how do you best like to learn about new programs and ideas? A social media platform like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook? A Facebook interest group could be one possibility. Email? A newsletter? A blog such as this one?

I welcome and look forward to your ideas and, while you are at it, please share resources that you know of that may be of interest to others!

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